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Safety in the Classroom

Safety in the classroom is important and when it comes to keeping students, staff, parents, and everyone safe, how is the question on all of our minds. Joan Anderssen addressed these safety concerns in an interview with the Littleton Independent. See a portion of the transcript below to learn about how Joan will work with the school board to keep students safe.

∙If elected, what would be your first priority in office?

Keeping the schools open safely is going to be my first priority, it’s just the way it is. We’re bound by Tri-County Health guidelines, and beyond that, we will be looking out for the safety of every student in the system. After that I would like to help build a funding formula that focuses on student success. I also will work hard at building concurrent enrollment with Arapahoe Community College and build strong liaisons with the community for the Career Tech Center.

∙ What in your view is the greatest single issue facing Littleton Public Schools and how would you address it?

Safety is a national concern and I want to serve all 15,000 students in the system. Every child should feel safe to come to school and not feel isolated. Both physical and mental health of all students will be a top priority. I believe firmly in the first of LPS’s core beliefs that education prepares all students to succeed in a global society. I work at meeting every student where they are in their pathway towards success.

∙ As things stand now, should students be required to wear masks in class, or should mask wearing be voluntary? Littleton Public Schools is bound by the Tri-County Health Authority and must follow its mandates. Since isolation is a leading cause of mental health problems. I want all students to come to school in a safe environment. If masks are deemed by Tri-County Health to keep students safe, they should be kept safe.


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